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Friday, August 2, 2013

Photo Challenge Day 2

Today I attended a Tailgate BBQ at my church with many of my closest DC friends.  I had every intention of taking a photograph of the BBQ to use for today's post.  Unfortunately, I completely forgot to even take out my camera!  Consequently, I must resort to a picture of my cat.

This is Grace, also called Eun Hye (Korean for grace).  She was a rescue cat long ago; she is now a hefty 12 years old.  I think she must have been abused when she was on the street because she is very wary of strangers, and even though my roommate has lived with me for about a year and a half, Grace still hasn't warmed up to her.  She is particular and enjoys her comforts, perhaps a little too much.  She has always been quite photogenic.  Here she is lounging on her tower.

Now before you get concerned about seeing an endless string of cat photos, I promise to only show one picture of each cat (there are only 2) this month - unless they do something amazing, in which case I am not likely to catch it on film.  Be assured I have no intention of subjecting the public to endless cat photos; there are many available online, much funnier than the ones I capture.

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