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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Colour Review

My favorite colors to work with are #1 green, #2 black, #3 brown, #4 other natural and/or neutral colors, #5 red.

IMG_5475When left to my own devices, I will choose a sage green for bags or garments I intend to wear.  


However, when I am making something for others, I will choose colors that suit that person.  For example, when choosing colors for the autumn wedding afghan, I chose shades of blue that I felt were too bright, but they were perfect for my friends.  Also, the afghan for Becky was made in brown because my sister likes brown in her house.  (Brown also matches my cat!)
When shopping, I gravitate towards muted colors or neutrals. 

photo album of my stash - you will find many similar colors represented there!

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  1. Nerd Wars has actually inspired some of my color choices....