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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Mascot Project

What does it mean for me to be a Bee?  How does this affect my creative process?

When I sit down to choose my next project, several factors come in to play. 

First, I choose a new project based upon my working circumstances.  Will this be a commuting project?  Then I must choose a portable and monochromatic project.  Will I work on this at home in front of the TV or when hanging out with friends?  Then it must have a simple repeat pattern.  Do I want to sit and really concentrate on something?  Then I will choose a thread lace pattern, whether a bookmark or a doily depending on the time I wish to invest.  (pineapple shawl)

IMG_5771Second, I might be inspired by some new yarn.  The weight and texture may lend itself to one type of project or another.  For example, I recently purchased some DK and fingering weight yarns that are fated to become light-weight shawls.

IMG_5766Third, I might be come across an innovative pattern that looks like a worthy challenge.  I tend to enjoy lace patterns for the mental challenge they present.  Similarly, I participate in an online crafting competition that provides 5 challenges monthly, and these will often inspire my pattern choice  - or my own design. 

IMG_5451Finally, a project may be chosen out of need.  I may need a gift for Christmas or for a birthday, or a friend may be expecting her first child.  In these cases, it is the taste and preferences of the intended recipient that will inform the choices involved.  

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