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Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Tool To Covet

I absolutely love my crochet hooks! 
I have a full set from a size 12 steel hook through a size K aluminum hook, with additional hooks in size N, P, and S. 

And I have used all sizes in my possession at one time or another. 

I have a couple of items that I have not fully explored their use, and that is 1.  A drop spindle and 2. The Martha Stewart Kint and Weave Loom.  

IMG_4996I have made one spinning project – a super super bulky yarn with a sample of roving, and I have made a couple of weaving projects – one a pot holder / trivet I still use rather frequently.

The only tool I regret buying is the set of knitting needles sitting neglected in my closet for the simple reason that I have never used them.  I once tried to learn using a booklet and YouTube videos.  I managed to cast on, but then I couldn’t figure out what to do next!

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