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Monday, October 3, 2011

Crochet:  Nerd Wars Tournament 3 has begun!  It is very exciting to get the monthly challenges and start to think of creative ways of meeting those challenges.  Nerd Wars has 6 categories: scientific, intellectual, technical, nerd culture, team spirit, and giving geeks.  The challenges reflect these categories in such a way that they can be fulfilled by knit or crochet, spinning or weaving.  The fun part is finding creative ways to meet that challenge while trying new techniques or color combinations.  I am sometimes even inspired to design something myself instead of finding a pattern I like.

This month, we have been asked to craft items that reflect 1. prehistory, 2. haiku poetry, 3. use of colorwork, 4. yarn craft in a costume, 5. a birthday gift a character in your nerddom would appreciate, and 6. an item that would benefit a cancer patient/survivor.  I have some ideas for almost all of these challenges, and I have already completed a colorwork bookmark.

I will post more as I complete projects this month.

Cooking:  My cooking lately has been very simple.  One of my favorite things to prepare these days, though not cooked, is tomatoes with a little salt, dill, and garlic.  It is very tasty and goes well with just about anything else I throw together.  I also recently roasted broccoli, which I hadn't done before, and thought it turned out quite nice.  I seasoned it with a ginger-orange seasoning salt, which I find complements vegetables very well.

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