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Friday, March 8, 2013

A week of spring break that has seemed more winter-like than most of winter, and I am now updating my blog.

Crochet:  I am once again competing in NerdWars (on Ravelry), which means I am becoming a more prolific crocheter once again.  This month my key accomplishment was the completion of a lace-weight shawl.  
Here it is, being modeled by my cat Grace.  I began it just before the Super Bowl and finished while watching the Oscars.

I also finally put the finishing touches on an afghan I began in 2009!  Glad to have that finished!

Here you see both of my cats, Grace and Kaito, enjoying the new item.

Enterprise: Today I have taken the first step to making my hobby self-sustaining; I have opened an ETSY shop!  At the moment, there is only one item listed, but I hope to have several more items listed within the next week or so.  We shall see how things turn out!

Writing:  I have recently discovered that a friend and I have similar novel-writing aspirations, and that we both have unfinished works in progress.  It may be that in the near future I will dust off my not-forgotten story and start working on it again.  Check back to see if I actually follow through!

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